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Insulation pins are an essential method of fixing various types of insulation materials. These insulation fasteners are also called insulation nails, insulation cleats, and in some cases, especially with industrial insulation, these might be referred to as stud welding pins or simply studs. Pins for insulation come in various sizes, diameters and are manufactured from different materials. You can also buy self-adhesive insulation pins. It all depends on the specific application and temperature range of the insulating medium.
Main benefits of Insulation pins:

  • Easy to install
  • Support insulation
  • Rigid and strong

What’s the role of insulation pins?
Insulation pins help to secure an insulation material, whether it’s a mat, blanket, or board type of insulation. Pins support insulation in vertical and horizontal positions. Insulation pins allow insulation material to fit tight against the insulating medium. What is more, insulation pins prevent the sagging of insulation. Insulation pins are used to secure products like mineral wool, stone wool, glass wool, ceramic wool, aerogel, and PIR and PUR. For insulation pins to work correctly these need to be designed for specific use and also installed in the correct manner.

Where to use insulation pins?
Pins for insulation are mostly used on large flat or rectangular surfaces. For example, pins for insulation are applied for ventilation and heating ducts, air ducts, flue gas ducts, boiler walls, large round or rectangular vessels or on ships for bulkhead and deck insulation.

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